Hospital Looks to Virtual Reality in Emergency Situations

11 MAY 2015
Hospital Looks to Virtual Reality in Emergency Situations

Patients and medical professionals will soon be setting aside diagrams and photos in exchange for VR goggles. Content developer Next Galaxy Corporation and the Miami Children’s Hospital has recently forged a multi-year deal for creating immersive virtual reality (VR) instructional content.

Virtual emergency situations will help train individuals in executing procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that could potentially save lives. With the technology, learners will have a more realistic exposure to emergency situations.

Using eye-gaze control, gestures and voice commands, the system aims to provide real-time feedback that will give participants corrective pointers to help them carry out procedures more accurately. The system will even congratulate learners who do well during the lessons.

The training modules will be released as an application for smartphones and will be compatible with Current VR devices such as the Google Cardboard, Gear VR, VRONE and the Oculus Rift.

Next Galaxy‘s Founder and President Mary Spio shares:

In addition to being one of the nation’s most esteemed hospitals for its clinical outcomes, MCH is building a legacy as a pioneer in healthcare with its unabated efforts to connect, educate and reinvent the healthcare experience.

ceek next galaxy corp.jpg

Next Galaxy Corporation develops a wide assortment of VR content for the future. The company’s flagship product, CEEK, is a social VR hub that aims to become the epicenter of VR experience.

The Miami Children’s Hospital is a 289-bed nonprofit facility and is South Florida’s only licensed hospital specialized for children. Miami Children’s Hospital’s President and CEO Dr. Narendra Kini shares:

We are very excited about the new partnership with Next Galaxy to leverage the power of Virtual Reality to create innovative and impactful medical learning experiences. Through our MCH Virtual Reality education, we are breaking new ground with leading technologies and look forward to transitioning our extensive training library from two-dimensional to three-dimensional immersive content for the benefit of patients and the entire healthcare community.

VR Hospital image from Next Galaxy

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