Wolffepack Backpack Fixes the Bag’s Biggest Design Flaw

By Jason Brick on October 24, 2014 in PSFK  Design

This Kickstarted backpack stays on even while you rummage through it.

The word “backpack” is one of the most plainly descriptive words in the English language. It’s a pack that stays on your back. The “pack” part is nothing but good: a place to store things you want to take with you. The “back” part is a mixed blessing. The stuff you carry stays out of your way, but it’s a bit of a process to retrieve your stuff from it.

The Wolffepack promises to change that. A design team consisting of award-winning engineers James Jeffrey, Edward Goodwin, Richard Hartshorn and Luke Ireland have built a backpack that swings to your front while still hooked to your back.

It works via a magnetic handle connected to a retracting cord. When disconnected, it releases the bag so you can pull it to your front. Once finished, you retract the cord and reconnect the magnetic handle for all the convenience of a regular backpack. This simple design has gone through months of blueprint and CAD modeling and 14 iterations of physical prototypes.

Far from a one-trick pony, the Wolffepack includes the options you want to see in a high-end regular backpack: multiple subcompartments for pens, business cards and zip drives, a detachable keyhook and two padded compartments for laptops and tablets. Construction is of high-quality materials, including gunmetal ziptabsand G-hooks and compartments made from Kevlar fabric. It comes in two models. The Metro is a black, urban commuter’s pack while the slightly smaller Escape is colored like traditional hiking backpacks and built for those load-outs.

Backer levels aren’t unique, but stand at a good value: 85 pounds to pre-order the pack at approximately two-thirds the retail price. The Kickstarter campaign runs until Dec 1, and is at $5,000 of its $30,000 goal with over a month to go as of October 22nd. Those who like the idea but aren’t in the market for a premium piece of luggage can back the project at 10 pounds in exchange for a custom key ring.


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