Mind Your Health, Weight Loss with Portion Control Plate

By Jason Brick on October 20, 2014 in Design 

Mind Your Health, Weight Loss with Portion Control Plate

Tableware designed to match meals to nutrition and portion recommendations helps thoughtful eating require less thought and more enjoyment

Nutritional science has known for decades, and the public has known since the 2006 release of Brian Wansink’s Mindless Eating, that the single most important factor in how much people eat is how much food people are given. Its a simple fact of food consumption that is too often exacerbated by large dinner plates, super-sizing and all-you-can-eat appetizer deals at your favorite restaurant.

Dutch designer Annet Bruil saw the problem, and offers a solution in herETE plate. It’s a “pie chart” for the meal you eat before your pie. The simple, white plate has lines drawn on it dividing its surface into sections for vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. The size of the plate keeps your total amount of food in line with daily calorie requirements, and the dividing lines keep the relative proportions in line with what nutritionists recommend.


The plate comes with instructions for meals with mixed components — like a stir fry made with veggies, noodles and chicken. It offers a simplified, visual approach to eating fewer calories with better nutrition.

The ETE plate is manufactured in the Netherlands, and shipped internationally in Dutch or English for 25,50 Euros plus delivery costs. Though designed specifically to match the dietary recommendations of the Netherlands’ government, users from other countries can use online resources to use the plate to match their home country’s guidelines.

Despite the designer price tag, early reception of this new product has been enthusiastic. Since “too complex” and “too hard” are two of the top objections people give to learning how to eat better, the ETE plate has potential for helping people make positive changes in their eating habits.

ETE Plate

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