Cashless Tipping Made Easy with DipJar.

By Leo Lutero on September 19, 2014 in Retail 

Cashless Tipping Made Easy with DipJar

 “Sorry, no spare change” will soon be invalidated as an excuse to skip tipping your barista or food server with thisnew technology that allows small-value transactions in one quick step.

More and more people are using plastic instead of cash even for small transactions like buying the morning coffee or a brunch sandwich. DipJar acknowledges this shift by creating a quick way of tipping perfect for food service establishments, charities or even street performers.

The concept for the DipJar is simple. It is a cylindrical-shaped device (yes, it is shaped like a jar) with a receptacle where you can insert your credit card. The tip amounts are already set and embossed on the jar so there is really no need to do anything else. Just insert the card, take it out and you’ve sent a monetary Thank you to the service you have just received.

This is made possible through less stringent banking rules that do not require signatures for smaller transactions.


The DipJar is still not rolling out their device but are now accepting requests from interested establishments.

There will be no need to connect wires to any existing payment systems. You just plug it in to a power source and it is ready to accept payment. The DipJar sends data through 3G and boasts a system with zero maintenance spare the occasional wiping of dust.

Many involved in the service industry work at minimum wage and depend greatly on tips to supplement their income. The DipJar is a great system that addresses how credit cards negatively affect tipping. According to the company’s research, people who pay with cash tip with cash while those who pay with plastic don’t tip at all.

The system will also put in place anti-fraud measures such as protection against repetitive scanning from a single card. They will also encrypt all information and store them only until processing is complete.

The DipJar charges a monthly usage fee to the establishment and $0.08 per dollar transaction to the employee. The fees are to cover the payment processing systems, the lease of the DipJar device and the 3G connection.

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