Your Eyeballs Are Your Password

Photo: Eva O’Leary and Harry Griffin



Threats like the Heartbleed web bug mean we need more secure ways to do our work online. EyeLock, a New York–based company, has responded with Myris, a palm-size device that scans your irises to log you in to your favorite sites. While eye-scanning tech isn’t new, Myris, which costs $279, is likely the first for folks without Level 10 FBI clearance. The process is as simple as taking a selfie:

  1. Look into the USB–connected Myris as if it were a mirror. A camera briefly ­records your eyes, turning 240 iris traits into a unique ID.
  2. Enter the URLs and credentials for your most-frequented destinations–from Facebook to American Express.
  3. Log in to the sites by clicking an icon and glancing at the Myris, which boasts a 1 in 2 trillion error margin. Say cheese!

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